Mike Kingsley – Director


I should start by mentioning I am the webmaster, and photographer for Coalition to Save Lives and Save a Life Tour, so most of what you will see on here is from me, although I do welcome and invite the team, and/or any others to submit information/posts/pictures etc. to the site.

I grew up in a small town in upstate NY, and have always felt the presence of God in my Life. I don’t really have a story about an awakening, or being saved from desperation. From a very young age I can remember God speaking to me, although at the time I did not realize what a great gift that was. Although most of my life I was not walking with the Lord, he was a constant presence, and looking back upon all I have been through, it is his influence that kept me grounded and built this passion in me.

I was always led to helping people, from volunteering as a firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician, to serving at my churches as a minister and religious education teacher. Even during those times in my life, I did not recognize why I was led to these activities.

I guess I was about 40 when I truly began to understand the Holy Spirit, his presence within me, and how I had never truly understood God’s will for me, for all of us. I visited a church in Maryland for “Mulch Day” with a few biker friends, and met thousands of amazing Holy Spirit inspired people just Loving each other, supporting each other, and working together for the Glory of God. Over the next few years I searched for a place to explore this relationship with God. Still living my worldly life, I took time away from that influence to dust off the Bible I had read in my youth, and God revealed himself, his Grace, and Mercy to me through the Word.

I am called. He has shown me his will for me, and I accept, embrace, and follow with my whole heart, mind and soul. Coalition to Save Lives is a large part of my Life on Mission because I believe in what God seeks and plans to do for people who are lost through this team.

I live in Norristown PA with my dog Buddy.

I ask everyone who reads this to Pray for us. Pray that the Lord leads us where we need to be. Pray that He leads people who need His message to our events. Pray that we become vessels of his Word, and His Love. Pray that we receive provision for this year’s tour, and for as long as the Lord will have us on this mission. Thank You, and may the Lord Bless and keep you all the days of your life, and for eternity.

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