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All across this great country of ours, and in fact, all around the world even in our greatest cities, there is a place no one goes. A place no one ever mentions until there is tragedy to display in the news, where all you typically see is a video from a helicopter. The businesses have left, the buildings crumble, the streets are neglected.

In these fallen places, amidst the urban decay, are the neighbor you grew up with, your high school sweetheart, your father that never came back from the grocery store, and your daughter you haven’t seen in three months…this is where they went when they lost hope.

Family crisis, lost jobs, injuries, mental illness, and so many other traumatic circumstances drive people to look for escape. Sinking into depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, all escapes from what most would call everyday life. Dreams are a thing of the past…and lost hopes turn to despair.

Coalition to Save Lives is a small “grass roots” 100% volunteer organization with hope. We value every human life, and look to show the lost just how valuable they are. When you feel valued, hope can return.

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