2016 Save A Life Tour – Stop # 4 – Kensington, Philadelphia

Team Kensington

The Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia holds a special place in our hearts. It is where the Save a Life Tour began in May of 2015. This is the place the Coalition to Save Lives was born. Although some of our members had worked together in the past, some of us met on this field in 2015, shared our testimonies, and our beliefs and formed a bond around the Will of God that cannot be broken. Partnering with Rock Ministries, the Disciples for Christ, and Calvary Chapel,  the Coalition to Save Lives once again set our sites on a corner of the world that is forgotten, on souls that are lost, on brothers and sisters that have lost hope.

We bring with us a message of God’s Love. There is no one, in any situation, any point in their life that isn’t welcome at Save a Life Tour. We were blessed to meet hundreds of people, pray with them, share a meal, talk about our lives, and share the great news of Jesus Christ. Below is just a small representation of our blessed day at Ruth & Hart in Kensington.

A sincere thank you to Michelle, Steve, Mike, Linda, and everyone at Rock Ministries as well as Calvary Chapel of Delaware, and our dear friends a Disciples for Christ. May God Continue to Bless you all and the work God does through you all for His Kingdom!

Heaven’s Thunder at Save a Life Tour Kensington

Headstone One Eighteen

Morning Dawn (Dawn Scheaffer)

Ali Yusef

And of Course…Romans Road!

A few photos from the day…

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SALT Flyer Kensington

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