Psalm 27:13 says;

“I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.”

This was sent to me from a dear friend this morning, who opened her Bible to this verse through the Holy Spirit.

My response was unmistakingly immediate, and as I re-read it, I am overwhelmed by what God is doing to me. I am so thankful for what I am witnessing, that God would reveal himself so clearly to me…to me?…I am brought to tears.

Please let me explain to you what I see, what I am witnessing, let me open your eyes, and your ears…your heart to what is happening.

Surely there has always been groups who serve. Religious groups that minister to the downtrodden, the homeless, the abused, the addicts, the lost. Hundreds of churches that assign ministries to help people through the myriad of situations that cause grief, pain, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. Hopefully this doesn’t surprise anyone, there are so many wonderful groups out there helping people.

But there is something different today…something so very different that we have to understand only God could do. Only his will could make happen. I see people from all walks of life. From so many denominations, so many “Churches”, I see them stepping out from behind their walls, and joining this movement. But not only are they coming out of their buildings, but they are coming together in the streets, in the markets, at their workplaces, their neighborhoods…I hear the word of God, spoken where it has never been uttered. Prayers in places no prayer has been spoken. Baptists, Protestants, Methodists, Catholics, Presbyterians, and so many others all coming together as One Body in Christ! As God spoke through Paul in Romans, we are many, yet form one body, each member belongs to all the others!

This is no longer about church boards, it is no longer about complying with the status quo, or staying within the centuries old catechism created by man. This is Jesus Christ! This is about being created in the image of God, not in appearance, but in the complete, passionate, loving image of God!

This image doesn’t include the color of our skin, the land of our heritage, or the language we speak. It doesn’t include the boundaries of states, or even countries. The creation of God knows none of that, it knows only Love, perfect love.

I see people who have been satisfied with Sunday service, awakening to the Call of Jesus Christ. I see fear being overcome, and lives being transformed. The dead have awakened, and they are spreading the news of the Kingdom of God, they are serving, praying, helping, healing, they are being Jesus, as we are called to be, part of One Body in Jesus Christ.

I thank God for allowing me to witness this, for the privilege of his presence, for the mercy he has shown me, and the Grace he reveals to me. I pray to the Lord of the harvest, to continue to send these workers into the harvest fields. I pray that we as the body of Christ recognize this movement for what it is, that we understand THIS IS THE REVIVAL we have been seeking, there is no tent, there is no one gathering, this is Revival as Jesus would have it, in the streets, where the lost are found, where hope is lost, Jesus is found! Father God, in the name of your blessed son Jesus I pray that you continue to transform lives, continue to make your presence and will known. Lord I pray that this army rising fears nothing, I pray that they come to know that you have called them, that you are calling them, that they are your hands and feet right now, right here. Father let us come together in worship and fellowship, let us join together in praise to you. Then send us out Lord God, to every corner, to every bastion of darkness, to be your light, to find the lost and deliver them from their despair. Father God you are glory, you are mercy, you are love, you Lord God are the hope this world needs, the hope this world has. Praise you Lord God, thank you. In Jesus Name I Pray.

SO what was my “immediate response”?

“Amen I see it daily! God is so good…so perfect, so gracious…his hand in my life, guiding me, leading me to his will…I will praise him all the days of my life”


I am NOT confident I will see His Goodness…I am certain I have seen it, and continue to see it…for He is here building his church!

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