He Loves to Lavish Us

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you all know I have trouble being short, so I apologize in advance if this turn out longer than I hope.

I just wanted to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of our donors, volunteers, and their families from this past year from all of us at the Coalition to Save Lives.

It is so amazing to look back at 2017 and put our heads around 16 Save a Life Tour Events and 15 Prayer and Love Outreaches!! To be witnesses of God’s provision, and grace on such a personal yet global level continues to just drive our strength to carry on with this mission!

You have all heard my many many testimonies from these and other events, so I will spare you to just acknowledge that without God, none of this could have ever happened. This is the third year of a ministry God created, and he just keeps buidling it bigger and bigger. Thousands have been fed, clothed, prayed over, and comitted their lives to Christ in these three years, and as the Gospel never quits, neither will we!

What’s more, the consistant presence we have had in Norristown, and now Pottstown has impacted not only the lives of those we serve, but is buidling such an amazing movement of God’s Children in these areas that the streets are coming alive with the Good News of Jesus Christ through Churches that have been hiding behind their doors for decades!

We all see the times, and we all know the time has come to revive this world with the Word of God. And from this whole team at the Coalition to Save Lives, we thank you, and admire your faith to put down your lives and walk as disciples walk. Your endless committment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been a blessing and an inspiration to this whole team.

We pray for you all daily, and pray that your support and dedication to our mission continues into 2018 and beyond.

May the Lord our God continue to pour his Grace over you and your families,

In Him,

The Coalition to Save Lives

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