Great way to Save Money and support the Coalition to Save Lives!!




Great News! You can help support the Coalition to Save Lives, while buying the things you regularly shop for like groceries, housewares, appliances, televisions, vacations, hardware, just about anything, even at the stores you usually shop at!!

What is even better, is tons of stores offer CASH BACK on all your purchases!!

Imagine having to buy a new air compressor for your garage, Home Depot has one on sale for $1343.00, when you buy it through you get 2% cash back! THAT’S RIGHT! $26.86 back CASH!

Lets go even further…From the Website, you visit and buy Home Depot Gift Cards to equal the cost of your air compressor, all for 7.9% off the face value of the card…So $1343.00 worth of Gift Cards cost you, $1236.90!!! You Just saved $106.10 on your purchase…and you still get $26.86 CASH back on the purchase of your Air compressor, AND $26.86 CASH back on the purchase of the Gift Cards!!! Lets Add that up…106.10+26.86+26.86=159.82 in savings!!! that $1343.00 compressor just cost you $1,183.18!! TRIPLE DIPPED SAVINGS!!!

Now here is the amazing part….

Since you entered through our link above (Just click on the picture above) and it says you are shopping on the Coalition To Save Lives Portal, we also receive $53.72 as a donation!! You get your 53.72 Cash back, and the Coalition Receives $53.72 also!!

Up to 40% Cash back on things like e-harmony memberships, 8%-10% at some major retailers! This is really a great way to save, especially if you buy discounted gift cards and get cash back on the card purchase AND your for what you buy with the cards through!!

So Click the above picture today and start saving!!!


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