The Great Elixer


Have you ever noticed that when you feel love so many other things seem less of a burden. I’m certain that most of us have felt that “New Love” feeling in our relationships, that time when nothing else matters, when someones imperfections aren’t as apparent, and the outside world doesn’t cause us any grief. Even when we don’t call it love, like when we get new clothes, or a new car, for a short while, that feeling of happiness seems to wipe away some of our worries, or stresses.

When you think about it, I mean really spend some time looking at what makes us content, it’s love. Plain and simple, when we feel love our struggles seem less important, less ominous. It even seems to work in two directions. When we love someone, or something, and when someone or something (like a pet) loves us. So we crave that feeling, we desire it, we spend every ounce of energy we have obtaining it. We do whatever it takes to get the things that we think will keep us happiest for the longest. We work hard, we cheat, we lie, and we steal if we have to, because when we have what makes us happy, our worries go away. Too often, we even turn to artificial love, manufactured loss of worries through chemicals.

So where am I going with all this? Well, when I look at all the things I have chased in my life. All the things I thought would make me happy. I see that most of it was temporary. Things get old, cars, clothes, homes…stuff that I loved when I bought them, no longer give me happiness. Then as I consider this, I realize, these are all things that I accomplished. All of these things that I “Loved” because they took away my worries, were my accomplishments, my doing, things I took pride in. And then it hit me. I created this contentment, fleeting as it was. I was putting my abilities before God’s. My pride became my driving force.

There is permanent love. There is permanent, everlasting love, contentment, peace, joy. When I stripped myself of pride, I found love. When I realized nothing I can ever do will compare to what God has done, is doing, and will do I realized He Loves me.

I feel downright horrible for people that don’t understand that, mostly because I didn’t understand it either, and I was caught up in the same cycle as everyone else.

I heard it a million times. “God Loves You”, “Jesus Loves You”…yeah yeah…It took me way too long to realize, he actually does love me. He loves me more than any person ever has, or ever will. He loves me more than I have ever loved anything I created or accomplished. So how do I know He loves me?

Well His word should be enough. He said he loves us, He is God, that should be enough. But there is so much more! Having my eyes opened I see it everywhere. He created the mountains, so I can see beauty, the birds so I know song. He gave me breath, and lifts the Sun every day. The stars give me wonder, and humility, and the Moon gives me hope of a new day. He has made a world so intricate, so perfectly intertwined, all for me to know him and see his glory. His love is undeniable.

So where does this all leave me? It leaves me with a fire inside of me. With a knowledge that I have to help people understand what I see. To help them know God, his Love, and his Grace. I have to share the Gospel, not only because He told me too, but because I know what it is like to not know. I know what the pain is like to try to find peace without him. I know that no matter what I do, no matter what I have, I cannot create what he has already created, and given to me out of Love.

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