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I saw this post from Andrew Wommack Ministries a few days ago, and I love it. I thought I wanted to save it, so I could use the thought in my studies. Today I began that journey.

I see hundreds of posts every day, some of them I like, some I share, some, like this one, for some reason just stick in my head for a time. I saw this over a week ago I think, yet every day the Lord leads me back to it during a conversation, or as I see something happen…

Today it came back to me, and this being my time in the Word, I thought I should seek out why the Lord wants me to understand this post. He has a reason, he always does.

Lord I thank you for your Holy Spirit. I thank you for placing this before me, and leading me to it’s meaning for me. I know Lord that the author had meaning, and I know Lord that you have placed this before me for a reason. Thank You for leading me to seek you through such a thing. Father God, through this I pray that you reveal yourself to me, bring me to know you more, to trust you more in my ways, and to use this time to bring you Glory. Lord I pray for release of myself, and freedom from this world as I seek you. I pray that no other influence than you guide my study, I pray that my heart and my soul and my mind seek only your will. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

The Lord has granted me such Mercy, through his Grace alone do I receive it, certainly not through my own merits, but through the Blood of Jesus Christ poured out on Calvary that fateful day he took my sins upon himself for my Salvation.

The Lord leads me first to this darkness. Throughout his Word we see darkness as something that separates us from God. Beginning right in Genesis 1 God saw that darkness covered the deep, and said let there be light, and he saw the light was good, and separated the light from darkness. In Exodus we see the dark cloud that hides God from the Israelites this cloud that only Moses can enter to be with God on the other side. Through this we see that those who are with God, are in his light. Those that are separate from God, those whose hearts are focused on other “things” are in darkness. Throughout both the new and old Testaments, this contrast remains very clear. Darkness is separation from God, from his path, from his will. God has always used darkness to display this separation, covering the Earth in darkness when the sin of man is prevalent. Where is their a more clear depiction of this than when the only begotten Son of God hung near death on his Cross, and at noon darkness came over the Earth. What greater sin could man commit than to deny the Son of God?

Our sin keeps us in darkness, keeps us separate from God, it declares our disbelief in his presence, and his covenant. It displays our weakness as humans, and the power Satan has over us with his schemes. For when we succumb to the offers of Satan, we are attempting to place ourselves on a level ground with the one who created us. We are as Adam and Eve, seeking to be equal with God, in our vanity, and greed, foolishly desiring reverence for ourselves instead of our Creator, who in all things should be Glorified.

Thank you Lord God for this understanding, thank you for your light. Father God I repent my vanity, and my greed. I lay before you in darkness seeking your light. Lord shine upon me and grant me strength through your Holy Spirit to stand firm against Satan always in your Name. Allow me the wisdom to rebuke his promises, and send him away.

Now God has called us, no commanded us, to Love him. To put him above all else. To In all your ways acknowledge him (proverbs 3:6). God intends us to Glorify him. He expects us to act in his interests at all times. His interests are obvious if we come to know his Word, and if we truly Love him, our hearts, our minds, and our souls seek to do his will, shedding completely whatever selfish desires this world has placed upon us. The Bible shows us over and over again that God is about Love. God is continually pouring his Love and Mercy on his people. How better do we align ourselves with his will, than to pour out the Love of God that is in us, upon our neighbors? That is after all the second most important commandment. God expects that we turn on the light.

The darkness can immediately be broken by the Light of God. As Levi stood from his table, and left his sin to be at the side of Jesus, we too are called to leave our lives behind and be in communion with our Lord and Savior. And just as Matthew and his brothers were later sent out, we too must accept the commission we have been given, to be the Salt and the Light, to be ever full of the Love of God, and always a light in the darkness. Never hidden, always bringing Glory to God the Father in all we do.

Father God, Lord Jesus, I welcome your Holy Spirit, and the commission you have bestowed upon me, and I beg humbly for your presence, wisdom, and strength to step out as a lamb among wolves and declare your Kingdom. I am not capable, or worthy except through your Mercy and Grace to bring your light into the darkness.

The Word of God in Hosea 6:6 tells us that he desires mercy and not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings. Giving of oneself out of sacrifice, offering God a gift that is not truly born directly from our hearts, has no meaning. It is only through our hearts for God, our true sharing of his will, that we are this Salt and Light.




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